Carpet Cleaning Cammeray’s Upholstery Cleaning Methods: Bring New Life to Your Furniture Today!

If you care about the appearance and health of your house or workplace, you need to get the upholstery cleaned regularly. We at carpet care specialists use many methods to thoroughly and safely clean your upholstery. Some of the techniques we do to give your furniture a new lease of life are as follows:

Carpet Cleaning Cammeray uses a common technique called steam cleaning to clean upholstery. To eliminate dirt and germs from the cloth and restore its original state, this method uses steam generated by boiling water. Our staff employs specialist equipment to thoroughly remove dirt from fabrics to reach deep into the fibers and release the grime. The steam disinfects and deodorizes your upholstery, killing germs, mold, and other allergies.

Carpet Cleaning Cammeray also offers dry cleaning for couches and chairs cleaning. Dry cleaning equipment is used with specific cleaning solutions to remove grime and stains. The cleaning solution encases the dirt particles once our staff administers it to the cloth. Next, the upholstery is cleaned using a dry cleaning machine, which removes the key and the dirt.

Carpet Cleaning Cammeray also employs the usage of foam cleaning on upholstery. First, foaming detergent is applied to the cloth, which collects dirt particles and encases them. Next, the dirt and stains are broken down as our staff utilizes specialized equipment to agitate the foam. The foam and dirt particles are then sucked up by the machine, leaving behind clean, fragrant upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning Cammeray’s hand-cleaning service is ideal for delicate textiles and antique furniture. We hand-clean the fabric, eliminating dirt and stains without causing any harm to the material, by using a soft bristles brush and mild cleaning solutions. Although this approach takes some time, it guarantees that your upholstery will be in good condition when finished.
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