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DVD Two and Three

SET OF 3 DVDs I, II and III $90

Music in Motion


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Music in Motion

1 Presentation
2 The Musician
3 Dancer’s and Musician
4 Technique to define the Style
5 The Personal Style
6 The Singer and the Music
7 The Feeling, emotion in the Tango
8 Embellishment
9 The Creativity
10 A Short message from Fernanda and Guillermo

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DVD Volume II

"Tango Elements"

Track 1: Presentation

Track 2: Fundamental Elements

Track 3: Elements Derived from Basic Techniques

DVD Volume III

"Complementary Elements in Tango"

Track 1: Presentation

Track 2: Complementary Elements in Tango

Track 3:

DVD Volume I

"Main Exercise Program"

Track 1: Presentation

Track 2: Main

Conclusion Track 3: Features