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For us, tango is one of the most nuanced and artistic forms of expression. It is a language that reflects the diverse influences of the many cultures that helped define it. We, therefore, believe that tango belongs to the world and that everyone, no matter where they come from, can understand it and embrace it.

Tango is about the land, nostalgia and communication. It is about two people moving as one to express that which is tragic, sensual and sometimes mischievous. Tango requires us to give the best part of ourselves to one another.

The true essence of tango (the embrace of a couple that creates two opposing energies that move in the same direction) is what interests us the most. This is what we seek to share as we teach and perform.

For more than a decade we have traveled the world as performers, teachers, choreographers and producers. We have worked in operas, ballets, comedies, dramas and films. We believe that we are not here only to dance tango steps, but also to use this complex dance to evolve as artists and communicators. We want to share this powerful expression of poetry, dance and music and to let the world know that THIS IS TANGO NOW!

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